Polymer and Resins

With 45 years of manufacturing experience across the polyester chain, the INVISTA Polymer and Resins business is committed to being the world's most reliable, responsive and value-focused supplier of polyester intermediates and polymer. It produces materials that can be found in products you come into contact with every day: oxygen-sensitive product containers, tires, solar-panels, air filters, automotive carpets and seats. Our material goes into the following applications:

  • Automotive: Carpets, seat belts and other parts, injection molding
  • Textiles: Apparel
  • Construction: Geotextiles
  • Consumer goods: Packaging, Film and cosmetics
  • Technical application: Mechanical rubber goods, technical fabrics, paper machine clothing

INVISTA engineers its materials to deliver specific functionalities, such as acting as a gas barrier and having thermal performance, high mechanical properties, hydrolytic stability, thermoformabilty, and cost optimized processing.

Driven by a philosophy of Market Based Management®, business decisions are based on asking what can drive value for our customers. This means staying ahead of changing global conditions and gaining a superior knowledge of customers' needs and what makes them profitable.

What sets us apart?