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Resins for Bottle Applications

PET packaging resins from INVISTA produce containers that have excellent clarity, are lightweight and are shatterproof. These resins serve a variety of markets including carbonated soft drink (CSD), water, beer, juice, wine, food and custom container applications.

The below table shows our packaging resin products.  Customized resins may be available upon request.

Product Type Luster SDS IV [dl/g] Description
OxyClear® Barrier Resin Copolymer Clear 0.84 Provides outstanding oxygen barrier and excellent clarity.
Polyclear® PET 1101 Copolymer Clear 0.81 Bottle resin also suited for injection molded and thermoforming. Great reheat/color. Fast blowmolding.
Polyclear® EBM PET Copolymer Clear 1.0 Designed for use in extrusion blow molding and is suited for containers requiring a handle.
Polyclear® PET T94N Copolymer Clear 0.87 Designed to exhibit an excellent optics for multi-way bottles and larger containers
PolyShield® Resin Copolymer Clear 0.84 PolyShield® resin provides excellent oxygen & good passive CO2 barrier. Very good oxygen barrier at high humidity & zero permeation until the barrier is exhausted. Duration of barrier can be tailored with the MXD6 level.
SenzAA™ additive Additive Additive Additive Preserves the natural taste of bottled water by preventing migration of AA within the container sidewalls