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Polyclear® EBM PET

Polyclear® EBM PET 5505 is a co-polyester designed for use in extrusion blow molding operations and is particularly suited for containers requiring a handle, which after use, can be recycled in the standard PET stream.

Polyclear® EBM PET 5505 can produce clear, high-gloss containers with and without handles and can replace materials such as PETG, PVC, PP, PC and HDPE that are used for extrusion blow molding. Polyclear® EBM PET resin has high melt strength, slow crystallization, to allow for processing on typical extrusion blow molding equipment when adapted for processing PET.

In addition, Polyclear® EBM PET is a modified PET resin that processes similar to PET in the standard PET recycling stream, and therefore can carry the resin identification symbol “PETE 1” for PET.

Typical applications include containers for juice, sports drinks, tea, edible oil, household cleaners, detergents, foods and spices, chemicals and automotive products.  Polyclear® EBM PET 5505 fulfills European Union regulations for food packaging.  More detailed information is available by request

Resin Properties:

  • Type: Copolymer
  • Luster: Clear
  • IV: 1.0