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Polyclear® Crystal™ PET 3302 Polymer Offers Glass-Like Clarity for Thick-Wall Bottle Applications

INVISTA, one of the world’s largest integrated fibers and polymers producers, has developed Polyclear® Crystal™ PET 3302, a polymer with glass-like clarity for food, beverage and beauty product packaging.  This product’s primary use is for thick-walled bottles and containers of unconventional sizes and shapes.

Key benefits of Polyclear® Crystal™ PET 3302 polymer include:    

  • Exceptional clarity for a clear, glass-like appearance
  • Excellent moldability for thick-wall applications 
  • Outstanding processability and efficiency
  • Compliance with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act for certain applications and can be reclaimed in available PET recycling chains

“Brand owners depend on clear, glass-like packaging for a wide array of personal care products, including household goods, liquor and food containers,” said Dwight Marshall, marketing manager for INVISTA.  “Containers made from INVISTA’s Polyclear® Crystal™ PET 3302 provide the surface sparkle and clean appearance that attracts consumers’ attention.  Further, containers manufactured from this polymer have outstanding clarity and performance when used for complex designs.”

Polyclear® Crystal™ PET 3302 provides a high-gloss finish for an assorted variety of consumer products such as soaps, cosmetics and food and beverage uses.  Other uses include 1.5-liter liquor bottles and custom containers applications.

 “In addition to creating products with a clear, high-gloss finish, Polyclear® Crystal™ PET 3302 also provide exceptional strength while allowing greater flexibility and tighter angles – including 90-degree angles – in molding,” Marshall said.

“Polyclear® Crystal™ PET 3302 may be processed using single-stage, integrated injection-stretch blow molding machines, as well as in two-stage, one-step injection and stretch-blow machines,” said INVISTA research and development manager Jennifer King-DePratter.  “The outstanding processing performance of this product provides greater customization and a wide variety of potential end uses in a number of consumer product packaging fields.”

According to Marshall, Polyclear® Crystal™ PET was designed to provide a wide plastic processing window which is especially beneficial for thick-walled containers and uniquely designed containers.  The product’s fast processing speeds and slow recrystallization rates provide valuable benefits for packaging manufacturers.  

Polyclear® Crystal™ PET 3302 can be processed on standard manufacturing lines and does not require new capital expenditure for additional processing equipment. This packaging resin also complies with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act for certain food contact applications and can be reclaimed in available PET recycling chains.  More information about Polyclear® Crystal™ PET 3302 polymer can be found at www.polymers.INVISTA.com.