INVISTA, one of the world’s largest integrated polymers and fibers producers, offers a broad portfolio of PET polymers, intermediate feedstocks, chemical intermediates, film products, and specialty polymers.  INVISTA Polymer and Resins is committed to creating exceptional value for its customers through market insight, innovation, and a portfolio of engineered products to meet their diverse needs.

The business offers a wide array of polymers including clear and filled resins; homo- and co-polymers tailored for barrier technologies; functional fiber options; spunbond nonwoven polymers; bulk continuous filament resins; and various custom polymers to meet a diverse set of needs and performance criteria.

  • Innovation

    INVISTA PET polymer innovations continue to produce valuable product offerings for customers while driving the company’s strength and growth.

  • Product Development

    A dedicated team of highly experienced specialists at our development site in Gersthofen, Germany is persistently working to improve our current product portfolio and on innovations that further broaden the range of potential applications for tailored polyester products.

  • Sustainability

    Containers made from INVISTA polymers can be reclaimed, recycled, and/or reused.

  • Value

    What sets INVISTA Polymer and Resins apart?