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APET Film and Sheet

The below table shows our film and sheet products:

Product Type Luster SDS IV [dl/g] Description
OxyClear® Barrier Resin Copolymer Clear 0.84 Provides long term O2 barrier with excellent clarity, easy to handle and process and can be used as monolayer or multilayer barrier sheets.
PolyShield® Resin Copolymer Clear 0.84 PolyShield® resin provides excellent oxygen & good passive CO2 barrier. Very good oxygen barrier at high humidity & zero permeation until the barrier is exhausted. Duration of barrier can be tailored with the MXD6 level.
Polyclear® 1101 Copolymer Clear 0.81 PET resin for the manufacture of A-PET sheets. PET sheets made from Polyclear® 1101 resin have high transparency, good barrier against water vapour, good printability, high strength and can be used in applications in contact with food.